I am pleased to announce the creation of a new entity called OBRE Ltd. It was created thanks to the initiative of the national and international scientific communities collaborating with our company.

It is the culmination of numerous conferences as well as science and technology seminars organized during the fifteen years of our activity in the field of transformers.

Within this project, we would like to expand our research not only in the field of modern diagnostics of power equipment, our ambition is as well to take on new challenges related to the broadly understood issue of power industry.

Some of the best experts in this field, representing research centers across Europe, were invited to collaborate with OBRE. The interest to apply was expressed as well by the companies producing different types of components for power industry in our country and in the world. Due to the fact that the strength and potential of the company is measured primarily by the experience and knowledge of the team creating it, our slogan is „The new company – dozens of years of experience”. It is directly related to the professional experience of our specialists.

At the moment, as for this new entity we can recommend you the services that we had offered before as Energo-Complex, as well as a wide range of newly created products that will be presented briefly, later in this folder.

I would also like to add that the formula of the project is still open and I believe that new partners will join us soon.

I hope that as part of this new company we will be able to respond even better to your needs resulting from the constantly changing challenges that the energy sector has to face.

We invite you to cooperation, relying on your favourable disposition and on your help in the creation of our offer.

Yours faithfully,

Ph.D. Marek Szrot
President of Energo-Complex Ltd.