We carry out liquid insulating and new cooling service in accordance with IEC, BS, ASTM norms and special tests, according to customer requirements.The scope of the test is determined depending on your individual needs.

To order the test you should:

1. Contact the laboratory and determine the appropriate information in order to draw up the offer:

Contact us at tel. +48 32 775 67 20
e-mail: biuro@obre.pl
2. Upon receipt of the offer you should place an order to carry out the test.
3. Take a sample at the agreed time. The sample can be taken by:

Company employee –
 should be contacted to make arrangements. 
Client – 
you need to download the portable lab case, or we will send you the necessary range of testing via courier.


Improper sampling for testing has a significant impact on the reliability of the test results. In the case of self-collection, the customer assumes full responsibility for correct sampling. DGA test samples should be delivered within 7 days after sampling.

Guidance on sampling for DGA analysis is available on our website under the „Documents to download”. In addition, it is possible that our staff can conduct professional training in order to avoid errors during sampling.

4. Deliver the sample to the laboratory in person or via courier.

The test specimens are accepted: from Monday to Friday from 7:00 to 15:00.

Expected waiting time for test results depends on the size of the order. Information on the progress and completion can be obtained from laboratory workers. The study report is available in both electronic form and hard copy. In addition, you can access our database Trafo-Grade which contains information on the diagnosis of transformers.A VAT invoice will be issued for the service according to that offer.

We invite you to use our services