Based on the extensive knowledge and experience of an interdisciplinary team of employees and partners OBRE offers the following services.


  • DGA Diagnosis
  • Physicochemical oil tests
  • Contents of furan compound
  • The content of corrosive sulfur in oil
  • Oil testing for the presence of PCB

Detailed information can be found under the Laboratory section


  • WNZ examination in insulation systems using various methods including acoustic, electric and UHF
  • Examination of insulation systems of oil cellulose and composite oil
  • Examination of construction and noise vibration
  • Thermo graphic study of electro-power equipment
  • Measurements of electrical machinery, generators, WN transformers and switchgear


  • Advise on the implementation of investment projects and purchasing
  • Advice and providing technical analysis investment and modernization in terms of innovation of solutions
  • Analysis and evaluation of energy company assets
  • Providing expertise on technical condition of the machinery, apparatus and energy
  • Consulting, expertise and project work in the field of distributed generation and renewable energy sources
  • Organizing courses and specialist training in a wide technical, economic and legal scope, as well as other jobs according to the individual needs of our clients

Replacement, repair or purchase of electrical infrastructure equipment is a complex operation requiring extensive technical as well as economic and financial knowledge. Legal constraints in purchase procedures often impede an objective selection of the best performers, this is why we offer support in your efforts regarding this issue, offering a comprehensive package of consulting services.