Ph.D. Eng. Ryszard Malewski
Specialist in high voltage technology and diagnosis of equipment. He gained experience in collaboration with research centers in Poland and abroad. Hydro-Quebec Institute long-term employee.

Ph.D. Eng. Jerzy Skubis
Long-term rector of the Technical University of Opole with more than 30 years of experience in the science and industry cooperation. A specialist in high-voltage technology and insulation diagnosis. Moreover, he is a founder of the Polish school, identifying isolation defects through the measurements of acoustic emission.

Ph.D. Eng. Jan Subocz
More than 30 years of his experience in the field of industry resulted in 45 new technology implementations, a specialist in the field of electro-technology and high-voltage engineering as well as of the physics and chemistry of insulation systems.

Ph.D. Eng. Marek K. Gawrylczyk
A specialist of the electromagnetic field theory, of the analysis and design of electrical circuits and optimization methods in electrical engineering and electronics.

Ph.D. Pawel Zhukowski
Solid state physicist, a specialist in the analysis of physical processes in electronics and high-voltage engineering.

Ph.D. Eng. Andrzej Cichon
Specialist in the use of acoustic emission in the diagnosis of devices.

Ph.D. Eng. Sebastian Borucki
Specialist in the use of viboracoustic in modern diagnosis technologies.

Dr. Eng. Eugeniusz Kornatowski
A specialist in the field of digital signal processing theory and its application to the evaluation of mechanical constructions.

Dr. Eng. Szymon Banaszak
An expert in the field of identification of deformations and transformer winding. Member of the International Committee of IEC responsible for methods and analysis of FRA measurement.

Dr. Eng. Wladyslaw Pewca
The constructor of transformers, specialising in the problems connected with the short-circuit strength of power transformers.