As part of our service, we provide our customers with specialized testing kits in the form of portable cases to ensure an adequate way of transporting samples. The laboratory provides high quality glass gas tight syringes with a plunger ground with a volume of 50 ml, equipped with a LuerLock tip. The syringes are properly prepared prior to shipment to the customer (drying, leak tests). DGA test samples are taken from the top of a ladle provided by us together with a silicone hose and a three-way tap (makes it easier to take a sample and provides tightness). Also, the set contains a sampling bag to protect the sample from light and degradation, in accordance with requirements. We also use a special aluminum bottle, which before sending, is dried at 115°C for 8h and sealed immediately after removal from the oven cap nut and secured with a band. We are sure that by using such vessel testing, the sample is properly stored after collection to analysis.